Welcome to Kindermusik® with Annette

In our weekly classes, your child will learn and grow, through the power and joy of music-making, during the years most critical to brain development. Whether your child is a baby, toddler or preschooler, our music classes are the perfect place for your budding musician.

"My daughter and I have grown together in our love of music and each other." -Primrose Y, Kindermusik mom



Interested in a class, but not sure which is the best fit?  Click on a link for your child's age group below or just give me a call/text (619)656-9178 

Birth to 1 1/2  years    Click to learn more  Summer

In our infant classes, you and your baby will cherish your together time within a welcoming community of parents, sharing the challenges and joys of those first precious years.
"When I first started Kindermusik, I thought my 3 month old was too young to enjoy it.  Boy was I wrong!" -Jenan K.


16 months to 3 1/2 years  Click to learn more: Summer

You and your active toddler will sing, dance, giggle, learn and play, all while learning to brighten up your every day routines with the magic of music and movement.   
It's the most joy (my child) and I get from all of our mommy & me classes"-Jamie M. 

3 1/2 to 7 year olds    Click to learn more:  Summer

In our classes, your child is invited to be curious, to explore, to connect, and to feel, using imagination and creativity. Parents join their child for the final activities each week. 
"My daughter has developed an incredible love for music thanks to Annette's class." - Carolyn McClaskey, teacher and director of Christian Youth Theater(CYT)